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We recently purchased a hobby farm near Witoka, MN. The heating vents had black dust on the vanes. We called Air Duct Pros for an estimate. They came out the next day to look at our system and give us a quote. After accepting the quote, we scheduled a time for them to clean out our ducts. Air Duct Pros showed us what our ducts looked like before they cleaned them and they were disgusting. After cleaning, our home seemed warmer. My wife, who has asthma, breathed easier.
 Dave and Lynne Kulas.

We have had our Air Ducts cleaned twice. Air Duct Pros was great with a quote and on time for the estimate and the actual cleaning. They showed us with a camera how much dirt, dust and yuk was in our ducts. After cleaning it was amazing how clean and free of dust and dirt the ducts were. The house seems to have less dust after cleaning. We also in 2005 purchased a EcoQuest purifier from Air Duct Pros, and love it. The smell in the house is so fresh and clean. People that come over to our house wonder what that great smell is. We are satisfied customers. Tony and Angie Hoeser

We have owned two homes and I have had Air Duct Pros clean out the duct work in each of them. We were 100% satisfied in each instance. I was able to view the duct work before and after the cleaning and the difference was incredible. The initial visit and estimate was done in a timely manner and the actual job was fast and efficient with no clean-up left for the home owner. We give Air Duct Pros our highest recommendation. Bill and Sheryl Stockhausen.

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